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If you are an experienced hemp farmer, you probably understand just how much genetics matter in this field. To get a bumper harvest, the seedlings you choose must be high-quality. While you may be experienced enough to know where to find high-quality seedlings in Texas, some farmers who are newer to the market may not have the right knowledge and experience to understand how to choose the best hemp seedlings for sale. If you are new to the hemp market and are wondering whether you are in the right place, we are here to tell you that you are.

At Riverside Botanicals, we have what it takes to sell you the best hemp seedlings on the market. As one of the most qualified growers in the state, you can trust that the seedlings we give you are of the highest quality. We use only highly feminized crops and specialize in strains that are grown for Texas to ensure that you are getting nothing but the best. For over 30 years, we have been in the industry, and during this time, we have been researching different strains that we now share with our customers. We are a member of the GoTexan program, and we can assure you without a doubt that all our crops are grown in Texas, and we use products manufactured in the state to ensure high-quality standards. Wherever you are in Texas, you can trust us to deliver the best hemp seedlings to you.

How to Know Quality Hemp seedlings

Since the legalization of hemp, you can find people selling these valuable seedlings everywhere. But how do you know whether a supplier is sending quality seedlings or not? If you do not already have the answers, you can read below as we explain how to spot quality seedlings.

Feminized Seedlings 

The type of seedling you will buy depends largely on what you intend to use it for. Therefore, if you plan on using your plants for fiber, buying male plants will be no problem. However, if the plants you want will mainly be used to produce CBD or BBG oils, you will need much more than just a plant. You need to be sure that you have feminized seedlings only. While this may cost you a little more than unmarked seedlings, you can be sure that there will be no male plants lowering the quality of your harvest. Feminized seedlings can result in plants with a high resin content, allowing you to process more oils.


While there isn’t any federally centralized certification body in America for hemp cultivation, there are still opportunities that you can use to purchase the highest quality seedlings. For starters, you are allowed by the law to import hemp seedlings for planting from other countries other than Canada if a phytosanitary certificate accompanies the seedling. If you use this option, you need to know exactly what you are looking for.

 However, we advise against this method of buying, especially when you are still new to the market, because you may not get what you need for your needs. Furthermore, this option is naturally more expensive than locally available strains. Therefore, the better option would be to buy locally.

To buy locally, it is best to ensure that you work with growers who have been researching their strains before putting them on the market. Riverside Botanicals is a reputable grower member of the GoTexan program. Over our years in horticulture, we have researched and grown different marijuana strains. Therefore, you can trust us to deliver the promise of quality hemp seedlings for your needs.

Getting a License to Grow Hemp in Texas

Since hemp was legalized in Texas, you need to get a license to process hemp in the state. Below we give you details about getting a hemp license in Texas.

The Texas Department of Agriculture

This should be your first stop if you want to grow hemp in the state. As a licensed applicant, you will be needed to submit forms online through the department’s portal. If you encounter any problems submitting your forms, you should contact the Department of Agriculture regional office.

You will be required to register at least one facility where you will be producing or handling hemp in a different capacity. This lot permit will allow you to grow a single hemp crop variety approved for growth in the state. You will pay the license, lot permit, and facility registration fees. The law stipulates that you will pay $100 per facility. The lot fees are also $100 per lot, and the license is the same.

You can have more than a facility per license and plant multiple lots of hemp in each facility. However, every facility must have a separate registration for each hemp lot.

Apart from the stipulations above, you will also be needed to include street addresses and GPS locations for your hemp facilities where you produce or handle the crop. To modify the GPS location, you will pay $500. You must complete the online Hemp Sampling training course to get the license. Lastly, you must prove that you own or control the region where you are growing or handling the crop.

Once you harvest the plant, you will need to apply for new licenses before you start planting a new crop again.

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If you have been looking for a professional hemp company to handle your hemp needs, we are here for you and tick all the right boxes. No matter the strain you need, we can help you get it. If you are wondering how to start working with us, worry no more as you are only a phone call away.

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