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As a farmer, it’s essential to be familiar with technology seed agreements. A seed technology contract stipulates the terms that farmers can plant and grow the seed of the company selling the seed. These agreements are very common in almost all areas of modern agriculture. They also contain limitations for growing, distributing, or using seeds.

A contract must also be specific about who owns the seedlings of the hemp plant, this is assuming the potential buyer is supplying seedlings. Riverside Botanicals is here to help you navigate the risks associated with Hemp production. Our contracts have all the elements required by law to ensure that you are safe and sound if you choose to have a CBD growing contract with us.

What you should know

Hemp is a super crop, but it’s susceptible to common plant failure factors like any other crop. This is due to factors such as hail damage, floods, insects or drought. When such challenges arise, our contract stipulates who will take responsibility for the production cost until the crop fails. At Riverside Botanicals, we take the investment made by our clients seriously, and that’s why we provide CBD growth insurance options. It will act as a mitigation tool during the production process. We always ensure that the detail of who owns the CBD seedling up to that point is clear to ensure the payout is made to the correct party. If we own the plant up to the point of failure, we will take up the responsibility of buying the insurance policy. Therefore, if a crop failure event is triggered, the insurance will be paid to us.

Why work with us

Some companies offer unclear contracts with unclear details of how much the farmer will pay when the CBD seedling matures. These contracts do not set specific parameters for what this could mean for the buyer. Some contracts may have a processor claiming up to 60 percent of the crop as payment for processing the seedlings. This will not be the case while working with Riverside Botanicals. All our contracts have exhaustive details on the following:

  • Planting date (or interval)
  • Moisture at delivery
  • Harvest date (or interval)
  • CBD testing (for floral material destined for essential oil production)
  • Who is responsible for drying the crop
  • THC testing
  • Production Practices

Reach out to Riverside Botanicals Today

Our CBD growth agreements will include all the basic levels of conditions. However, in hemp production, uniformly acceptable industry standards regarding handling practices, storage, maturity and moisture don’t exist. We make up for this by having a customized solution that is suitable for your specific needs. At Riverside Botanicals, we understand the entire process of growing hemp, and we’ll therefore give CBD contracts for their growth to maturity. Reach out to us today for a free consultation for your next CBD contract.

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