CBD Rosin

Rosin CBD is an extraction method used to extract resin concentrate from hemp plants. It is considered the safest and most natural way to extract a solventless CBD oil from hemp plants, and that’s why it is one of Riverside Botanicals’ products. This process is deemed a catalyst in the cannabis revolution and has easily displaced other extraction methods. CBD rosin is a perfect choice if you want resin concentrates with no chemical residues.

What Types of CBD Rosin Do We Offer?

The production of CBD rosin is generally the same, and Riverside Botanicals has gained vast experience in this process. We use a precise application of heat and pressure to dry and cure hemp flowers to release the resin concentrate. The quality of CBD rosin is usually determined by the nature of the hemp plant. Here are the CBD rosin variations that are available:

  • Hybrid: Has properties of both Sativa and Indica strains for a combination of effects
  • Sativa: Tends to energize and uplift; good for creativity and feeling active
  • Indica: Calms you down and helps with relaxation or sleeping

Extracting CBD Rosin At Home

It is easy to extract rosin concentrate at home, and Riverside Botanicals can provide some guidance. The process will eventually get much easier with some practice, concentration, and patience. Unfortunately, no specific settings on these hydraulic or other presses are available to guarantee yield uniformity. Different plants, or even the same strains grown by different farmers in various locations, will have varied results when pressed for rosin. Every type of plant requires different temperature and weight settings to extract the most concentration from it. Think of the process as a science experiment; the more the practice and elements are used, the better the results.

How We Maximise CBD Rosin Yield

It is possible to maximize the yield when extracting CBD rosin from the hemp plant. There are some factors that can affect how much concentrate can be extracted from the plant.

There are instances where the hemp plant yields less rosin, even under the best possible circumstances. Typically you should expect a yield of about 15% to 18% of the hemp’s weight. Increasing the temperature and extending the applied time on the press will guarantee a higher quantity of CBD rosin. At Riverside Botanicals, we begin the extraction process with the target of getting 15% of the hemp’s weight. When we succeed in reaching this yield, we decrease the press time to modify the CBD extract’s quality. The temperature of the press, pressure, and amount of time spent pressing will impact the amount of rosin to expect from the extraction process.

Reach Out to Us Today

We continue redefining the hemp industry processes using innovative practices on seedlings and strains. Our company supports commercial farmers and individual growers, and we will offer only the best solutions. Contact us for any inquiries about CBD Rosin and any other information about hemp products.

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