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Are you in the process of refining your hemp-growing practices? Curious about which method is best for starting hemp crop farming?

You are not alone. Hemp farmers have diverse opinions on seedling starts and even clones. While some may swear by seedling starts, others prefer clones. However, as seedling experts, we can certainly tell you that both seedlings and clones have strong points. However, if you want to purchase hemp clones, we are the right company for you. We have healthy hemp clones that we have developed from the best mother plants to ensure that the resulting yield is as good as the original. Therefore, whatever your needs, we can help you.

Seedling Starts vs. Clones-The Great Debate

Below, we compare seedlings and clones to help you decide whether to purchase hemp clones.

Hemp seedling Starts

Hemp seedling starts are plants that have just recently sprouted. They are a great alternative for hemp farmers because they can save them on the time that they would use to sprout seedlings. There is no need for a farmer to set up a greenhouse and manually go through the entire sprouting process by themselves with seedling sprouts. If the seller is reputable, you can easily get high-quality feminized seedling starts that you can count on to remain female.

Apart from the logistics, growers might prefer seedling starts over other growing methods because they are pathogen-free. This means that you may not have to worry about pests attacking your crop and that they will produce a high yield once they are transplanted into the field.

Therefore, hemp seedling starts are highly reliable if you want to start growing commercially.

Hemp Clones

Hemp clones are exactly that- clones. They are genetic replicas of a hemp plant. Usually, this works because a grower will find a hemp plant with genetics that they like, and they may keep the plant of the strain. They may then create strains by cutting the branches off this mother plant. Usually, the branches are cut 5 to 8 inches off the mother plant. The end of these clones is then dipped in the rooting hormone that might be useful as the plant starts to grow.

The clones are then placed in an environment suitable for vegetative plant growth. The plant may eventually grow roots thanks to the rooting hormone and its new environment. The proponents of cultivating using hemp clones prefer this method because these plants are often predictable in terms of sex and genetics. Furthermore, if a grower has a mother plant, it can operate without the need for a supplier.

Who Should Use Hemp Clones?

Anybody looking to plant hemp can use hemp clones for cultivation. However, clones are best for hobbyist growers who can cultivate only a few of these plants. If you use clones, you can be assured of the yield, and you will not have to worry about getting varied genetics with every crop. Clones are a neat alternative for those who might prefer streamlined production.

However, if you want to grow hemp for commercial purposes, it could be best to start with hemp starts as these are likely to produce more yield than clones.

Why Choose Us for Your Hemp Clones

You should work with us because:

We Provide Quality Hemp Clones

The hemp industry is continuously growing, and it is highly competitive. Therefore, we understand that you need the highest-quality plants to ensure maximum yield. If you would like to cultivate hemp clones, we ensure that we share only the highest-quality clones that have the best chance of enduring even the toughest environmental rigors.

However, suppose you want to start a commercial farm. In that case, we are honest enough to let you know that your best chances are with feminized hemp seedlings, as these have a robust genetic composition and can withstand outdoor growth without causing any worries.

We are a Well-Known Professional Company

Hundreds of hemp companies have sprouted in the market since hemp growth was legalized in Texas. However, not all of these companies can be trusted. For starters, these companies have only been in the market for a few years and may not know the nitty-gritty of hemp farming. However, Riverside Botanicals is one of the best in the game. We have been in the horticultural space for over 30 years. During this time, we diligently served the people of Texas. Today, our mandate remains the same. We offer the best seedlings, starts, and even clones to our target market, and we are hoping that you can benefit from our expertise.

Excellent Customer Service

If you are a new farmer, you would be pleased to know just how much we care about you. Apart from just selling you seedlings, we advise on the best seedlings for your needs. Therefore, you can be sure that you are making an educated decision when you buy with us.

We explain to you the features such as whether the plant is feminized, the genetics, and the benefits of the different hemp seedling strains and even clones. We do all this considering your goals and the budget you have. We answer all your questions, understanding all these factors in your decision. With our skilled suggestions, you can confidently decide the best strain for your farm.

Reach Out to Us for the Best Hemp Clones

If you are a hemp farmer, you know that your knowledge of seedlings is crucial. However, if you are a starter, you may not know enough to make an informed decision. As one of the top sellers of hemp seedlings in Texas, we understand farmers at all stages of their journey. Therefore, we treat each of our customers according to their level of need. We handle each case uniquely to ensure that you make the best decision for your needs. Whether you want to grow hemp from seedlings, hemp starts, or clones, we are the right professionals for your needs. Therefore, you should feel confident when reaching out to us as we provide the best seedlings.

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