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About Riverside Botanicals

Riverside Botanicals is a leading wholesale grower of high-quality feminized hemp plants. Since we are in Texas, we specialize in strains for the market here. We have over 30 years in the horticultural space, and during this time, we have been researching the strains we have so skillfully developed and sell to farmers. As a member of the Go Texan program, you can trust that all our plants were grown in Texas and are of the highest quality standards. Understanding our mandate, we can provide high-quality hemp seedlings for your needs.

What You Need to Know About Buying Hemp seedlings in Bulk

As a grower of hemp, we meet different customer types. Some buy only the seedlings they need; those buy a little more than they need, and those buy seedlings in bulk. While the third group is the minority, they comprise a special segment of our consumers.

What Consists of Bulk Seedlings?

Quantifying bulk when it comes to hemp seedlings can be difficult because the needs of farmers vary from one to another. For example, a small-scale farmer buying 72 seedlings per tray considers that’s a bulk purchase. At the same time, a commercial hemp farmer who can plant up to 2000 seedlings in one planting season will still consider buying in bulk.

Whatever your needs, we understand. Here at Riverside Botanicals, we help you understand everything you need to know about buying in bulk. Unlike other suppliers and retailers who do not tell you what you need to know about buying in bulk, we educate you to ensure that your crops give the highest yield possible.

We explain to you different factors such as the outdoor temperatures, the length of the season, and others that can influence the seedlings you choose to ensure that you are spending your valuable money on a product that is worth it. Apart from these factors, we share with you the different strains preferred for different needs. For instance, if you are growing hemp for the fiber, you will not buy the same seedlings as a person growing hemp for the resin. Furthermore, you might decide on a different hemp strain if you want to be an indoor grower as opposed to an outdoor farmer.

Bulk Seedling Cost

One of the biggest advantages of buying hemp seedlings in bulk is that you will save significantly depending on the quantity you buy. For example, you can expect to pay much more if you are ordering just one batch of feminized cannabis seedlings than a person buying the batches in the fifties or hundreds.

These savings come about because we do not have to create smaller orders when we sell you seedlings in bulk. Instead, we can create a large shipment that we can easily package and ship. Furthermore, larger orders’ administrative costs are smaller than those of larger shipments. Your savings when buying hemp seedlings will largely depend on your supplier. Here at Riverside Botanicals, we offer good discounts to our bulk seedling customers. We appreciate our effort and know how much more work lies ahead of you. Therefore, you can trust us to deliver the seedlings as you prepare for the actual planting of your seedlings.

Take Care When Buying Seedlings in Bulk

You must be careful when buying seedlings in bulk. Instead of just looking at the promise of cheaper prices, you should concentrate on the quality of the seedlings. If you fall for lower prices, know that it will be too good to be true and that you are probably falling into a trap as you could be given low-quality seedlings.

With the influx of growers in the market, there have been reports of people reselling low-quality hemp seedlings. Now imagine spending thousands of dollars on seedlings to find out that they are of low quality and can only produce a poor yield. Instead of taking chances with the wrong growers, you can choose to work with us at Riverside Botanicals.

Here at Riverside Botanicals, we sell only high-quality feminized hemp plants to ensure that you get only the best in terms of yield. Furthermore, we offer cost-effective prices for our seedlings. We offer this cost-effective solution to ensure that our clients do not have to choose between quality seedlings and cheap prices. We rely on genetic constancy to maintain our reputation, and we are not about to change.

Buy the Best Quality Bulk Hemp Seedlings for Your Next Crop with Us

Legalizing hemp cultivation in Texas was the first step of many to come. However, with an open market, you can expect that all sorts of growers and suppliers are trying to sell their seedlings. If you want quality seedlings for your needs, your best bet is to work with a reputable company that has your interest at heart. At Riverside Botanicals, we have the skill and experience to produce high-quality hemp seedlings. Therefore, we are the right partner for your needs. You can buy seedlings from us and be sure you can get a productive yield.

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