Wholesale Hemp Seedlings

About Riverside Botanicals Riverside Botanicals is a leading wholesale grower of high-quality feminized hemp plants. Since we are in Texas, we specialize in strains for the market here. We have over 30 years in the horticultural space, and during this time, we have been researching the strains we have so skillfully developed and sell to […]

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Best Hemp Farm in Texas

Humans have cultivated hemp for thousands of years. Traditionally, this plant was cultivated for its fiber. Today, however, cultivation is much more diversified as there are more uses of the plant other than fiber. If you are here, you are probably looking to grow hemp for CBD oil. While hundreds of hemp farms in Texas

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Purchase Hemp Clones

Are you in the process of refining your hemp-growing practices? Curious about which method is best for starting hemp crop farming? You are not alone. Hemp farmers have diverse opinions on seedling starts and even clones. While some may swear by seedling starts, others prefer clones. However, as seedling experts, we can certainly tell you

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Hemp Seedlings Suppliers

If you are an experienced hemp farmer, you probably understand just how much genetics matter in this field. To get a bumper harvest, the seedlings you choose must be high-quality. While you may be experienced enough to know where to find high-quality seedlings in Texas, some farmers who are newer to the market may not

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Hemp Seedlings for Sale

Over time, the laws surrounding the growth and sale of hemp in Texas have changed. Governor Abbott signed House Bill 1325 on June 10, 2019, authorizing the sale and production of hemp products within the state. Further improvements were made when the law went into effect later in 2020. Since then, Texas farmers can grow

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